Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Zumba Fitness Reviews

This is a review of the Zumba Fitness DVD Exercise Kit, which includes toning sticks. This can be purchased by clicking on the link above, but first please read the zumba fitness reviews and product information first!!

Let us look at the product features first.

This Zumba Fitness DVD Exercise Kit is obviously tailored so you can use it in the comfort of your own home.

You do not need any prior experience of zumba, this can easily picked up by beginners.

You are first taken through the zumba basics.

There is a 20 minute express routine.

Followed by a cardio party section.

Then a sculpt and tone section.

A flat abs section.

Then zumba live,a dance party with music to get you in the fitness party spirit.

6 different workouts over 4 DVD`s.

Total Body Transformation Guide.

Toning sticks included.

100% guaranteed original product as seen on TV.

Now to the zumba fitness reviews:

OK, well the first part, as mentioned above, is the zumba basics. This runs for about 60 minutes and gives you a rundown of all the basic zumba dance moves. If you are new to zumba dance then I would suggest you spend some time going over and over this until you can keep up with all the moves and you have become reasonably competent with them before moving on.
Next is the 20 minute express DVD which I think is great for anyone with busy lives, as you can fit all the moves into one compact space of time, including reggae and samba.

The cardio party is, as you might guess, a workout designed to burn off as many calories as possible, and is around 50 minutes long. I found this tiring I have to admit, but I suspect that this is the general idea!!
With the sculpt and tone DVD you use the toning sticks, this lasts for approx. 45 minutes and is designed to tone lots of different areas of your body. The toning sticks are easy to use and this is a great fun workout.

The flat abs section does what it says on the tin and is around just 20 minutes long, concentrating specifically on your abs with set routines. Then there is the zumba live section, which was shot in front of a very loud live audience! This lasts for 55 minutes or so and is designed to get you in the party mood whilst doing your zumba dance moves. And there is also a total body transformation guide enclosed which gives you tips on when to do the various workouts, as well as training tips and a stretching guide. There are also some great recipes in the guided and what is known as a RPE chart, which is a Rate Of Perceived Exertion chart, which basically assesses how hard you are working and if you need to speed up or slow down!!

So how was it for me?! I really enjoyed it overall, but I am not the most supple of people and so it did take me a while to get into all the dance moves. It is great value for money and it will certainly help tone you up and get you fitter if you follow the program. The fact that you can use the 20 minutes a day zumba workout is great for me as I don`t always have the time to do the longer routines. Zumba is so popular now and once you get into it you realise why.

This is the end of the zumba fitness reviews, so if you want to buy this Zumba Fitness DVD Exercise Kit at the Amazon store you can do so below:

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